Chemical Formula: SiO2 – silicon dioxide

Birthstone for Aquarius (although in some systems it is considered an Astrological Stone for all signs)
Aligns with the Crown Chakra; Balances all Chakras

Properties: Clear Quartz is arguably the most important crystal in crystal healing, and is sometimes referred to as the Master Crystal or Master Healer. Many crystal healers use quartz points as wands to transmit energy, generators to enhance energy, or control crystals, the healer’s closest ally in some schools of healing, directing the healing session almost like a conductor with a baton. Quartz (silica) is the main component of glass, and can symbolise clarity. It is used in computer chips, and as such transmits knowledge. The crystals have no centre of symmetry, which creates a polarity (piezoelectricity); slices taken at appropriate thicknesses and orientation are used for controlling frequencies in radio components and watches. Clear quartz clears and focuses the mind, to aid both decision-making and meditation. It enhances and strengthens the healing properties of other crystals, and directs and amplifies healing energy to the area in which it is needed. It creates a strong connection with the Divine, and can clear the aura, as well as stimulating growth on a cellular level. A quartz cluster can be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals after use, and to disipate electromagnetic stress. There are many varieties of crystal shapes, each with its own use and symbolic meaning. Clear quartz should not be used directly in the treatment of cancer or fibroids, as it may stimulate growth of unhealthy cells.